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Friends, Family, Coaches Gather For ‘A Night Of Legacy’ In Support Of Jenks’ Allan Trimble

Friends, family and coaches from across the state gathered in Tulsa to support Jenks head football coach Allan Trimble.

Trimble has said that he would much rather be behind the scenes and helping others than be the center of attention.

He had to get used to it Saturday night, because he was the center of attention at “A Night of Legacy,” benefiting the “Trimble Strong Foundation."

The idea started as a dream. Now, it's a reality.

The benefit brought together some heavyweights in the football community and those outside the game.

"Just the way he does things is really an inspiration,” said OU defensive coordinator Mike Stoops. “The courage he's shown through all of this is really something that a lot of lessons could be learned."

TU football head coach Philip Montgomery said, “He's been a mentor of young men. He's been a part of this community for so long. He's done it at an excellent level, and whatever we can do to help support him in this fight, we want to be there for him.”

"I don't know Allan as much as a football coach like everybody in Oklahoma does,” added Alan Robertson. “I know him just as a strong, family-oriented great guy."

As for Trimble himself, he sees his condition as an opportunity.

"Being sick and having a terminal disease has really helped me, I think, not really worry about some of the things I used to worry about,” he said. “I think that God has put me in this platform to let them know that it's not the end of the world."

It was quite the night, and a deserved night for Jenks head coach who has impacted so many lives.

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