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Most Valuable Coach Presentation in Florida

On Friday morning, I will leave for Orlando, Florida with my wife Courtney to be honored at the 2017 Under Armour All-America Game on New Year’s Day on ESPN. I am humbled and honored to be one of the award winners in U.S. Cellular’s Most Valuable Coach contest.

It would be an impossible task to thank each and every person on the long list of those who cast votes for me and who have given so much support and encouragement to me and to my family. Through the good times and through the tough times, so many people – friends and strangers – have embraced us with kindness and generosity.

When I receive one of the Most Valuable Coach awards on Sunday, I know I will be representing thousands of mentors, teachers, coaches, and ministers who are on the front lines making a difference in the lives of others on a daily basis. To all of those who faithfully serve and impact the lives of other people, keep fighting the good fight and press on! To everyone in our wonderful Jenks community, thank you for your votes, your prayers, and thank you for the privilege of being your coach!

Sincerely, Allan Trimble

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