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Over the past two years, Coach Trimble has been building relationships with a school in Utila, Honduras. We are currently helping support two missionaries in Utila, Honduras. Scott and Stephanie Benedict, are missionaries that are very proud to be part of the Utila Trimble Strong team. They both wish to be irresistible flavor of the gospel (salt) and bless with a glimmer of hope and encouragement (light) to any person that lives or visits Utila. We are also working to help support a school there. One of our goals this year was to provide educational scholarships for children. Each student we sponsored has a very special story and is unable to make their tuition payments. We have sent two mission teams to Utila this year (2019) and plan to send more in the near future.  ​There is still more work to be done and we continue to pray that God will move in mighty ways as we serve, lead, and build relationships with the people on the island.

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