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Trimble Strong - Summer Pride 2016

You know all championship teams have the ability to overcome adversity in tough times. No one is immune to it, no team is immune to it, no person is immune to it. In fact we can all expect challenges in life or in our football season. And one thing great teams have is that confidence and that hope and that faith that when tough times do come they can rally together and they can make their way through that adversity. I know for me personally, obviously I got some bad news not long ago and it has been very challenging both mentally and physically. But again I cannot think of a better place or a better environment to be walking through a tough time than with people that I trust and people that I love and certainly that is what is carrying me and continues to carry me through this challenge I am faced with. - Allan Trimble

A must see video by Jenks Strength and Conditioning Coach Jordan Johnson as Coach Trimble's shares his thoughts about facing personal challenges and adversity. Click Here to view the video.

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