"Ring of Champions"

Thank you for supporting the Trimble Strong Foundation. It is our desire to live with intention and purpose, and to be salt and light to those we encounter. Our goal is to continue honoring Coach Trimble's legacy. 

Ring of Champions Donation Pricing:

Ring Replica - 10k Yellow Gold, $10,000 
Pendant Replica - 10k Yellow Gold, $5,000
Ring Replica - Silver, $1,500


From the top down, a beautiful display represents Coach Allan Trimble’s legacy of leadership. Inset into this stadium-style ring, the Trojan warrior is layered over three golden football trophies representing Coach Trimble’s 11th, 12th, and 13th 6A State Championship wins. The entire center display is layered over top another golden football, the team’s focus throughout the season. Surrounding the Trojan warrior on this center golden football are 12 diamonds, representing the first 12 championship wins under Coach Trimble’s leadership of the team, including two divisional championships. Encircling the outer edge are each of the thirteen years representing his state championship wins. Finally, finishing off the top, a subtle nod to another of Coach Trimble’s passions, the Trimble Strong Foundation.


Crafting a piece of fine jewelry around the faith, life, and career of such an inspirational leader cannot be done properly without including his passions. The Trimble Strong Foundation had to be included to show the depth and breadth of Coach Trimble’s influence. The organization’s foundational scripture is “Through Salt & Light,” referring to Matthew 5: 13-16. Both salt and light affect the things around them. The Trimble Strong Foundation has but one overall mission; it exists for the purpose of transforming people from their current position spiritually, emotionally, physically, professionally and financially.


The bottom of the ring continues to give focus to Coach Trimble’s driving purpose in high school football, Proverbs 27:17, “As Iron Sharpens Iron.” Coaching football is more than playing a game, it is shaping youth into the leaders of tomorrow. A part of that shaping is peer leadership on and off the field. Holding each other accountable to the ideals of leadership.


Coach Allan Trimble has left a legacy through his high school football players. A legacy that has proven to build young men into leaders of tomorrow. A legacy that extends beyond the gridiron and into the lives of the players themselves and those that surround them.  Coach Trimble asked his friends at J. David Jewelry to create a new championship ring to encompass all thirteen Championships. J. David set out to create something that would not only represent and tell the story of a true leader, but impart the ideals of that leadership philosophy as well. It serves as a constant example and reminder of what a true leader should be. It is our honor to present to you, the Coach Allan Trimble Ring of Championships.


One side of the ring bares Coach’s last name and forever immortalizing his position on the team as “Head Coach.” Under Coach’s name is one of his personal foundational philosophies, “Iron Sharpens Iron”, referring to Proverbs 27:17. Coach taught his players this main core value. A wise people should be questioning, encouraging, coaching, and challenging each other. Always seeking to grow the faith, skills, and accountability of those around them through relationships, while also working on themselves. It was Coach’s belief that this is what made his team the champions that they were. Just like a blacksmith shaping a sword with a hammer, contact can be painful at times. It is that interaction that produces the stronger weapon.


The other side of the ring is inscribed with the name of the mighty Jenks Trojans. Another image of the end goal every high school sports team has, the golden football, sits below it. Three football players can be seen in motion, signifying the team and the players’ continual growth. Below, Coach Trimble’s career win-loss record of 242-41 can proudly be seen. Coach was just as proud of every loss as he was each win. “You cannot learn if you do not occasionally lose. Each loss taught us something.”


The under gallery of the ring has a Trojan shield with the literal focus of Coach Trimble’s life inscribed into it, “Faith, Family, Football,” exactly in the order of importance. Each player on the team was considered to be a member of Coach’s extended family and they knew it. They looked up to him as a leader knowing where he drew his strength and purpose, through his faith in Jesus Christ.
The shield itself while seeming insignificant, points to the very core of Coach’s leadership philosophy. Both the Spartans and the Trojans believed so much in their shields that to return home without it after battle was a penalty of death. You either returned with your shield or you returned on your shield. The shield is a visual picture of leadership in its finest. The shields were large and sturdy, and would overlap one another as the line of soldiers stood in the phalanx. The shields would cover not only the soldier holding it but a portion of the man to the left and to the right of him. In battle you were not just protecting yourself, you were looking out for and protecting the soldiers to your sides. This is symbolic of Coach Trimble’s coaching style. Each player looked out for their teammates; assisted and developed them. All the while knowing that ultimately they were not just training to win football games. They were training to develop themselves and their peers into the leaders that would bring up the next generation. Coach Trimble knew the secret to winning football games was developing leadership, camaraderie, and relationship. That, was his ultimate gift to the players.


The Trimble Strong Foundation is a 501(c)(3) and all donations are tax deductible.

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